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Memcare Notify

Quickly and easily notify friends and family about the loss of a loved one, share memories, photos and videos. The bereaved can also get help with practical tasks such as taking care of the deceased's left behind online presence. Increase both customer satisfaction and company revenue.

Memcare quickly integrates a Memorial page feed on your funeral home web-page, displaying information about the latest funerals and enabling friends & family to order flowers and much more.

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Notification service

  • Notify friends & family instantly using text messages, e-mail and social media.
  • Upload contacts to notify from your mobile phone and let the invitees suggest other people that should be invited.
  • Keep track of who is informed and make sure everyone knows about the funeral beforehand.
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Memorial page

  • Quickly and easily create a personal memorial page for the deceased.
  • Visitors can buy flowers and make donations.
  • Visitors can easily send condolences, share memories and remember the one who has passed away with pictures, video and much more.
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Funeral planner

  • Memcare’ unique planner makes it simple to manage the guest list and receive confirmation from attendees
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Step-by-step guides

  • Memcare helps the dependent solve practical tasks such as removing online profiles, social media, e-mail accounts and much more.

We make it easy for you to offer a complete digital solution for families.

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Notify for family

The solution makes it easy for the bereaved to immediately notify family, friends, and colleagues about the loss of a loved one.

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